Sunday, June 1, 2008

First full clinic

Today was the first of our full clinics. Here you see some of the many parents who came out to recertify or to learn for the first time how to be a referee, starter, or stroke and turn judge. The morning began about 8 am at the Olney swim center with Marty, a former MCSL president and current chair of our competition committee, giving everyone an overview of MCSL officiating. Standing next to him on the stairs is Denice, the chair of the clinics committee, who organized the day's events. It was so crowded, we had to keep telling folks to move closer to the stairs side of the room so people arriving later could get through the doors.

After the general session, we broke out into job-specific groups. First, the stroke and turn judges left for their classes--very experienced judges went with Lionel; less experienced and new people went with Brian. Starters and referees stayed to hear Jim discuss topics that are important for both positions. When Jim finished, the referees went upstairs with Marty and Dave; the starters went outside with Denice.

Here's Denice running the starter clinic. She provided a very thorough discussion of everything a starter should know and even had all participants try their hand at the starting machine before receiving their "diploma"--the card we use to track who has attended which clinic.

Finally, here's Brian in the water, teaching the basic stroke and turn clinic. He started on land, going over general stroke and turn topics, assisted by Scott. But there are so many things you just have to see to understand, so he donned his goggles and, along with a current swimmer, physically illustrated some to the things you'll see in a swim meet.

Our next full service clinic, also at Olney, is June 8, followed by an evening clinic at the county's Germantown pool on June 11. Check our website for details.

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