Saturday, June 21, 2008

Who qualifies for Relay All Stars?

Tomorrow, some divisions will have their relay carnivals.

At the April MCSL meeting, the reps decide together when their division will hold its relay meet. They choose a date--and a rain date--within the relay carnival window (this year from June 22 to July 6). So while some teams will swim June 22, others will swim June 29--and other divisions may have chosen a different date.

Our first relay carnivals were held in 1969. The meet is quite fun, but also somewhat crazy--it's called a carnival for a reason. Page 77 of this year's handbook lists the events--they are all relays. Some events are by sex and age; others mix age groups, and others mix boys and girls. The relay teams that come in first in most--but not all--events will swim at Relay All Stars on July 26.

Which relay carnival winners aren't guaranteed a trip to All Stars? The winners of relay events #1 and #2 (boys and girls Graduated 175M Freestyle relay) and events #8 and#9 (boys and girls Open Age 200M Medley relay). Why? Because these relays, unlike the others, are swum at each dual meet and at the division championship meet (divisionals). So in these events, the relay team with the fastest time for the season is the one that goes to All Stars.

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