Saturday, May 31, 2008

All about the logo

Yesterday you saw our 50th anniversary logo turned into a car magnet. But how did we get the logo?

When we were trying to think of ways to mark our 50th season, I went poking around on the Internet and found the Northern Virginia Swimming League site. Luckily for us, NVSL was established in 1956. I emailed the chair of their 50th committee, and he generously shared what they had done. He was particularly enthusiastic about the contest they'd held to design a special 50th anniversary logo.

Since it was now the off season, we tossed the logo idea out there via the team rep email list and got some great designs. The 50th anniversary committee chose their favorites and send recommendations to the MCSL board. The board decided to combine two designs, one from long time vendor and former swim mom, Lois at Capital Sport & Swim, and the other from Morgan, a swim dad at Manor Woods.

We've got the logo on all our program materials this season. (Eagle-eyed readers may discover an interesting inconsistency there which I'll discuss at a later date.) It will be on our invitational t-shirts, and we hope it will show up on many team and divisional tees as well.

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