Monday, June 9, 2008

All Stars

If you read this year's MCSL handbook carefully, you'll find the results for the 50th Individual All-Star swim meet. That's right--the 50th All-Star meet has already been swum. But this is our 50th season now--so what's up with that?

The First Annual Maryland Metropolitan Area Community Pool Meet, held at Connecticut-Belair pool in 1958, counts as the first "All-Star" meet, even though it was swum before the league was officially established. It wasn't until 1962 that the meet was renamed All Stars.

I mentioned earlier that there is an inconsistency is some versions of the 50th anniversary logo. The first version that appears on the meet management and officials' handbooks has the league establishment date as 1958. That was corrected to 1959 on our league handbook and other publications. But it really is a little ambiguous. However, since we celebrated our 40th anniversary in 1998, we're celebrating our 50th in 2008.

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