Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Email woes

Yesterday I discovered the email I'd been sending from my MCSL email address wasn't getting out.

I'm not sure how long I've had this problem. It's probably been at least a week, so if you didn't get a reply to an email you sent me, I'm not ignoring you. I thought I'd answered you. There was no sign I had a problem. I was getting email and my replies were going into my sent mailbox. (Sadly, I didn't have my email preferences set to always save a copy, so much of what I wrote is gone.) I didn't get an error message.

Actually, I was getting a little annoyed. The board wasn't replying to me. I sent a very long, helpful (I thought) email to a team rep and hadn't gotten even a short thanks. Well, people are busy, I decided. Still how hard can it be to hit "reply"? Pretty hard if you never got the message.

It turned out the problem was this blog address. I'd added it to my signature line and I guess the email gods didn't like that. But email is great when it works. I'm not quite sure when the league switched over to email as our primary means of communication. I'm guessing it was in the late 90s. The 1996 handbook doesn't list email addresses for the board; the 1997 book does. I remember helping Mary, who was secretary in '98-'99, do a physical mailing. By the time I took over the secretary position in 2002, we had moved entirely to email. All the meeting notices and minutes go out over the Internet now.

Email allows the board to be more responsive--except when it doesn't. Sigh. I'm off now to try to contact everyone who thinks I owe them an email.

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