Friday, June 20, 2008

False starts revisited

A reader informs me swimmers got one "free" false start in regular meets and two at Long Course--meaning that the second false start in most meets and the third false start at Long Course resulted in a disqualification. He remembers quite a few meets where "swimmers intentionally false started to put pressure on faster swimmers to hold up their start on the second start." He also recalls that "many of the older boys used to try and beat the starter by guessing. It was a good plan given you got another opportunity. US Swimming then went to DQ ing swimmers for intentionally false starting and then eventually went to the one false start and you were gone."

Anyone else have memories to share? Please feel free to leave them in the comment section. Or email them to me through the MCSL website and I can do a post on them. Questions are welcome, too.

I'd love to hear from readers, especially other MCSL veterans!

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