Saturday, June 7, 2008

In the beginning

In my files, I found a history of the league. It only goes up to 1998, when we celebrated our 40th anniversary, so one of my goals is to update it. But here's what it says about the beginnings of the league:

"In the spring of 1958, Stan Tinkman, Peggy Whilden, and Frank Martin considered the possibilities of forming a swim league in Montgomery County. On July 24, 1958, six clubs met at the Bellaire Country Club to organize the League. A committee consisting of Forest Gustafson, John O'Neil, Peggy Whilden, Helene Kromer, Bill Assmus, and Frank Martin drafted a constitution. It was mailed to twenty-six community pools that showed an interest. Upon receipt of the returned constitution from interested parties, the League was created. There was informal competition sponsored by the Exchange Club of Bethesda Chevy-Chase for the year 1958 between six pools. The first annual Maryland Metropolitan Area Community Pool Meet was held at the Connecticut-Belair Pool to complete the first year."

Which were the very first six teams? Cedarbrook, Connecticut Belair, Garrett Park, Glenwood, Kensington Heights (now Kenmont), and Merlands. Five of those teams are still in the league. Merlands dropped out after the 1964 season.

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Why did Merlands drop out?