Monday, June 30, 2008

Have you hugged your team rep today?

I'm writing this with my eyes propped open with toothpicks. We've just had the weekend from...well, it was a very busy weekend with a dual meet Saturday morning and Relay Carnival Sunday morning.

We are now halfway through the season--more than halfway for kids who don't go to divisionals. Chances are the team reps are feeling a little fried--at least, I always did when I had that job. They have two more dual meets and divisionals to get through plus the banquet and probably 100 other odds and ends. (I used to say I went on the rep summer diet--with all the demands on my time and the running around, I usually lost 5 or more pounds. And those were back in the days before email took over, so the phone was always ringing.)

So let's make today "Hug your team rep" Day." (Unless you are very close to your rep, it's probably best to make that a virtual hug--or, better, just a heartfelt thank you and a "what can I do to help" offer.)

And, on the Olympic Trials front, big congrats to Eric and Ryan who had great swims. Eric came in 31st; Ryan, 22nd, and both dropped time. Up today are Cara, Brady, and Chris in the 100 Back and Katura in the 400 Free. Good luck!! (For a fun MCSL-mom-on-the-scene report, be sure to check out Robbye's blog on the Hallowell website.)

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