Thursday, July 3, 2008

Swim fashion in the Old Days

Speaking of swim attire, I've been watching the Olympic Trials and marveling at the swimming, of course, but also at those fancy swim suits. Very sleek--and if I can be just a touch indelicate...well, I just hope none of those elite athletes needs a pre-race potty break.

In the Old Days, our swim suits weren't quite so fancy. They were made of nylon, if I remember correctly. Marcia mentioned in the comments here that girls used to tie their straps together with shoelaces so the straps didn't slip down over their shoulders. I vividly remember one unpleasant backstroke race where my range of motion was severely curtailed by a wayward strap. Picture a penguin trying to swim on its back.

And that thing in front she referred to? For some reason I don't understand, there was a panel down the front of the suit. It wasn't much of an issue at the pool, but it could become quite the liability at the beach. When you were tumbled around in the waves, sand worked its way up the panel, through the straps, and down to the seat, giving you a rather droopy rear appearance--not a good look. The only way to get the sand out was to take the suit off--at home, of course--and work the sand back the way it had come--up the back, through the straps, and down the front to drop out the open panel at the bottom.

I tried to find a picture of one of those suits, but, sadly, I didn't have any luck. Here's a link to Speedo's history as an alternative.

Olympic Trials update--Ryan made the finals of the 200 breaststroke! And according to Robbye's blog (If you haven't been reading her posts, you definitely should be!), Eric qualified for the World Youth Championships in Monterrey, Mexico and will be leaving for them directly from Omaha. Lots of MCSL swimmers competing today, so try to catch those prelims--and, of course, the finals.

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