Monday, July 14, 2008

And the answers are...

Did you guess "C. Dolphin" as the most popular MCSL mascot? If you did, you are correct! Twelve teams call themselves the dolphins. (I included the MCF blue dolphins in this group.) Here's the number of teams that have one of the other four aquatic critter mascots: alligator/gators--6 teams; barracudas/cudas--5; sharks--6 (including NCC's more creative spelling, sharx); and stingrays/rays--3.

How about the non-mascot? Did you pick out koalas as the cuddly animal no MCSL team has yet to adopt? Give yourself a star if you did. The other animals...or body parts...all have an MCSL team: the Old Farm eagles, the Daleview feet, the Garrett Park lady bugs, and the Wildwood Manor wombats.

Tomorrow I'll give you my complete list of mascots--and please correct me if I got yours wrong!

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