Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Proper attire

Now that the seedings are up for the Coaches' Invitational Long Course meet, it seems an appropriate time to mention the MCSL rules regarding proper meet attire. We encourage, but do not require, swimmers at dual and divisional meets to wear their MCSL team suits and caps. Still, many kids wear gear from their winter teams, and that's okay for these smaller meets. However, it is not okay for our league invitational meets.

Remember, at Coaches' Invitational Long Course, All-Star Relays, and Individual All-Stars, swimmers cannot wear winter team suits and caps. Here's the exact language from the rule: "A swimmer shall not wear a suit or cap bearing the name, insignia, or logo of any team or pool other than the MCSL team represented by the swimmer."

In a pinch, it's okay to turn your cap inside out so the non-MCSL team logo isn't visible. Turning a suit inside out is a bit more of a problem, so you might want to check your swim wardrobe now rather than on deck Tuesday.

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