Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Long Course

I'm beat. As I write this, I'm just home from the Coaches' Invitational Long Course meet. It was HOT, but thankfully we didn't have any thunderstorms. Many thanks to Marty and our stellar competition committee as well as all the great officials on deck. There seemed to be a lot of fast swimming--the results should be up on the web site shortly.

To celebrate the League's 50th season, we had banners made for the eight charter teams still competing. We hung them up for the first half of the meet and then presented them to the teams at the break. This year's awards also celebrated our 50th--they all featured our 50th logo.

One of the highlights of the meet for me happened at the break. For a number of years, the Auer family has presented college scholarships to graduating seniors in memory of their daughter Sarah, who was killed in an car accident on her way to coach her winter team. Before the meet, I got talking to the mom of one recipient--her daughter had no idea she'd won the award, so the mom had to be a little evasive as to why she was there. All three winners seemed genuinely delighted. Here they are with the Auers.

At the end of the meet, I helped Debi sort the medals into each team's bag. I'm delighted to say I think all but one team picked up their goodies. The competition crew, efficient as always, got everything packed up and stored, ready for All Stars. Maybe I'll have recovered by then and be ready as well.

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