Thursday, May 29, 2008

Advanced referee clinic

Tonight's the recertification clinic for advanced referees. Check our website ( for the place and time.

What's an "advanced" referee? At a minimum, it's someone who has refereed before. People looking to become a referee shouldn't attend tonight's clinic--there are other clinics for them in June. Even folks who have refereed for a couple seasons are probably not "advanced." Tonight's clinic is really designed for individuals who are very comfortable as refs and have been doing it for a while.

What do refs do? Well, they are responsible for the entire meet. In one way or another, they manage all the meet officials, making sure everyone knows his/her job and carries it out. A good ref anticipates problems before they happen, or, failing that, addresses any issue quickly.

A good ref is knowledgeable, decisive, and fair. Nothing substitutes for a thorough understanding of the rules, but perspective, a sense of humor, and a basic unflappability are all pluses.

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